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Montecristi Capri Super Fino, WPI 12-14

Designer: La Marqueza Hats


Montecristi Capri Super Fino, WPI (12-14)

Precious Montecristi Panama. Unisex. Rollable Capri model. ‘Toquilla’ straw from Montecristi - Ecuador. Fishbone weaving performed entirely manually.

Style: Capri

Straw: Natural Finest Toquilla

Height: 12 cm

Brim: around 6-8 cm, although sizes can vary slightly because hats are fully hand woven

Available sizes: XS,S,M,L,XL


Masterpiece fully handmade, all 100% natural 'Toquilla' straw black hatband, luxury "Montecristi super fine category". Classic Capri style

The hat is finished with a comfortable sweatband and a silk top protective branded patch 

*WIP: Waves per inch

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